Brian Detwiler

Founder & Managing Partner


Growing up in Connecticut, Brian is a Northeasterner at heart, yet headed to Nashville for college. While at Vanderbilt University, he focused his studies on Mathematics, Economics and Engineering, graduating with these three majors in 2001.

His early career was spent using “big data” to make better decisions for global organizations - from re-engineering Air Force supply chains to re-imagining Citigroup sales & marketing programs. About the time Brian was looking to shed his “corporate skin”, he met Andy and John. Within a year, Brian left Citigroup to help them turn-around a distressed acquisition they made in 2010: Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. After four years of revitalizing the iconic brand, the group sold it to Manzanita Capital in January 2015. The three formed jab Brands shortly thereafter.

 A 12-year resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Brian resides there with his 17-year old green Acura "clunker". When not in the office, you can usually find him driving it east with a beach towel or north with a pair of skis.

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