our manifesto


Why We Call Ourselves 'jab'

Most successful boxers will tell you their wins are not the result of a single glorious right hook, but the culmination of lesser-visible jabs that set them up for the opportunity to deliver that crushing blow. We believe the same is true with startups. At jab, we are focused on the ‘roll-up-the-sleeves’ execution that enables start-ups to capitalize on a greater number of incredibly elusive opportunities at critical times.



we believe in conscious consumerism

We believe consumers are the curators and the critics demanding transparent brands rooted in ethics, sustainability, and wellness. We look for companies meeting these demands and, as a result, creating more meaningful ways to consume.



we believe brands matter

We believe the best customer experiences are created by delivering a great product within a powerful brand context. We seek those who use an engaging story to transform products into emotional experiences inspiring expression, discovery, and lifestyle.



we believe in reciprocal technology platforms

We believe in service platforms that create value for both sides of the commerce equation: improving operations of an adapting business and creating memorable experiences for its customers. We seek companies applying technology for this dual purpose.



we believe in using data as an asset

We believe all data is an asset with intrinsic and untapped value beyond its primary, often transactional, purpose. We seek entrepreneurs with the vision to harness their internal data and make it work for their company in nonlinear ways.