Sara Cullen

Entrepreneur in Residence


Sara spends her time evaluating new investment opportunities and working directly with portfolio companies. Before joining jab, Sara was part of the 2012 inaugural class of Venture for America (VFA). VFA is a two-year fellowship that paves the way for recent college graduates to become entrepreneurs by providing training, capital, and an active network of mentors and successful business leaders.

As a VFA Fellow, Sara worked for a boutique brand agency in New Orleans as a marketing guru helping venture-backed startups in demand creation, growth strategy, customer analytics, and eCommerce optimization. Sara was originally drawn to VFA after being disillusioned with the inefficiencies of bureaucracy while working with international development and government agencies including the United Nations, World Bank, and US Senate. 

Sara received her B.S. from Cornell University in International Development with a double concentration in Applied Economics & Management and Near Eastern Studies in 2012. Much of her academic experience was spent living and working abroad in places like Morocco, Kenya, and India where her insatiable curiosity led her to conduct research on everything from wildlife to human migration and micro-enterprises. Sara loves backpacking the world, scuba diving, riding horses, and eating authentic Vietnamese food.

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